Maximum protection for your vehicle!

SPEEDLINER® is the ideal coating for highly stressed surfaced.

Ideal for vehicle loading areas on pickups, delivery vans, flat-beds and trailers. From builders’ trucks to foodstuffs vehicles to horse boxes. There’s hardly an application for which there’s no SPEEDLINER ® coating.

SPEEDLINER® is produced by Industrial Polymers Inc. in Houston, Texas and is a special product from the urethane polymer group. The company is world leader in the protective coatings market and is specialised in high-tech products for use in the most extreme conditions. For many years now, Industrial Polymers Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying various franchise companies with fast-cure spray polyurethane products. The disadvantages presented by these coating systems, such as limited tensile strength and tear resistance, none or few colours, expensive spraying equipment and sensitivity to temperature and air humidity, necessitated the decision for the company to develop an entirely new product. SPEEDLINER® was born. Since its introduction in the USA more than 15 years ago, SPEEDLINER® has developed to become one of the most successful urethane spray products and is manufactured and marketed exclusively by Industrial Polymers Inc.

Among other things, SPEEDLINER® is used on offshore drilling platforms and US strike force fighter planes. In fact, everywhere, where surfaces have to resist extreme stresses. SPEEDLINER® can boast of being the highest performing coating system in the world.

Safeguard your vehicle permanently and prolong its service life!

SPEEDLINER® is the tough, carefree protection you’ve always been looking for! SPEEDLINER® is a hard, dense but flexible polyurethane coating which safeguards surfaces against wear and tear, weathering, corrosion and abrasion. SPEEDLINER® provides the highest level of protection against dents and scratches from sharp-edged loads and is resistant to the most prevalent chemicals (petrol, fertilisers, chlorine, etching substances etc.).

SPEEDLINER® is the best solution for all building, forestry and agricultural transport vehicles.

SPEEDLINER HC® is the anti-microbial solution for all foodstuffs, cleaning and pumping vehicles. It protects throughout its lifetime against bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, e-coli, salmonella, listeria, fungi such as aspergillus niger, trichoderma virens, trichophyton mentagrophyte mould and mildews.

The advantages:

  • Wear and tear, weather and corrosion protection
  • Kevlar® for the highest level of cut and impact protection
  • 18 standard colours and 200 plus customer colours as well as metallic and polychrome colours
  • The highest levels of UV resistance and colour stability
  • 5 year material and colour guarantee
  • Incorporation of customer logos

Maximum strength means maximum protection

SPEEDLINER® is the hard, all-round carefree protection you’re looking for! SPEEDLINER® safeguards against scratches and cracks which can be caused by sharp-edged loads. SPEEDLINER® resists the most prevalent chemicals including fuels, fertilisers, chlorine bleaches and corrosive substances.

Maximum strength also means maximum protection from the sun

SPEEDLINER® has an in-built UV safeguard which protects against premature colour fading and won’t have to be freshened up. This guarantees you’ll be delighted with your colour for many years along with maximum protection. SPEEDLINER® not only promises maximum UV protection but also guarantees it.

SPEEDLINER® a product in 4 variations!

SPEEDLINER® standard: for all standard applications, e.g. in trailer stalls, plant construction, patios

SPEEDLINER® Kevlar®: for all extreme applications, e.g. forestry, agriculture, tippers, excavators

SPEEDLINER HC® anti-microbial: for all hygiene applications, e.g. refrigerated transport, cattle trucks

SPEEDLINER HC® anti-microbial + Kevlar®: extreme applications coupled with maximum hygiene protection

How long does all this take?

Coating the loading area of a VW T5 takes 3 days from delivery to collection. Thereafter, the vehicle is ready for service again.

How long does SPEEDLINER ® need to dry?

SPEEDLINER® is, as a rule, touch-dry after approx. 1 to 2 hours at a room temperature of 16°-20° C.

SPEEDLINER ® can be lightly loaded after 24 hours. After 3 to 5 day, depending on temperature, it reaches its maximum final strength. Naturally, you can use your vehicle with some caution during this time. Colder weather slows the drying process but has no influence on the fully functional final strength of SPEEDLINER®. Think about this… SPEEDLINER® has a higher final strength than quick-drying products.

What kind of guarantee do we give?

As SPEEDLINER® agents, we give YOU a 5 year warranty on colour and unlimited warranty on materials – wilful damage excepted – and for as long as you own the vehicle.

The KSK Autoklinik GmbH team are always pleased to advise you whether Speedliner® is the right coating for your purposes. Talk to us. We’ll be happy to advise you. To convince you of the quality of the SPEEDLINER® coating, we would be pleased show you our reference vehicle.

You’re also welcome to have a look around the manufacturer’s website:


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