Crack, scratch or dent in the bumper?

It can quickly happen that a bollard or a pillar is overlooked and the bumper of the car is damaged. But stone chips and scratches also affect the bumpers. Many vehicle owners are wondering what options there are to repair the bumper, or whether it even needs to be replaced. The repair measures are of course always dependent on the extent of the damage that has occurred.

If only a few scratches or small dents can be seen on the bumper, the repair is not a problem. Smaller scratches can sometimes be repaired in a bodyshop using spot repairs. Even small dents can often be pushed out of the bumper. If the scratches or dents are deeper, the bumper is filled with filler and then painted. Even small cracks can be repaired with smart repair measures. For example, the place can be glued from the inside with fiberglass fabric and plastic can even be welded. Dents in the bumper can be removed by bulging.

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