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Crack, scratch or dent in the bumper?

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Quickly it happens that a bollard or a pillar is overlooked and the bumper of the car is damaged. But also stone chips and scratches put the bumpers. Many vehicle owners are wondering what options are available for repairing the bumper or even for replacement. Of course, the repair measures are always dependent on the extent of the damage. If only a few scratches or small dents are visible on the bumper, the repair is no problem. Smaller scratches can sometimes be repaired in a workshop using spot repair. Even small dents can often be pushed out of the bumper. If the scratches or dents are deeper, the bumper is filled with putty and then painted. Even small cracks can be repaired by smart repair measures. For example, the point can be glued from the inside with glass fiber fabric and plastic can even be welded. Bumps in the bumper can be removed by bulging.

You currently have damage to the bumper headlights and want to have it repaired?


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