Tiny scratch?
Tiny price with Smart/Spot Repair

A scratch can easily happen. One second of carelessness in the carpark and you’ve scraped a bollard with the bumper.

The result: a scratch and a small crack in the painted bumper. The cost of replacing the bumper including repainting can add up to a few hundred euros, depending on the model. That is particularly exasperating when the damage is self-inflicted. But in many cases, this outlay is unnecessary.

With modern repair methods, the plastic in the bumper can often be repaired and the paint damage partially repainted. The cost of this repair route is only a fraction of the conventional type of repair. And the result can be seen for itself. Even for a professional, it is difficult to recognise whether the bumper has been partially or completely repainted.

We have the experience when it comes to professional painting. So even in the field of spot repairs, the auto body and paint shop is the right point of contact for a value-for money repair.


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