Collector’s item? We restore, too

We look forward to getting to know you and the “old girl”.


While one person searches desperately for a cheap way to dispose of his old car, another is already calculating the imminent value of his restored classic with eager anticipation.

Quite regardless of age or make. Whether it’s a ’52 Ford, the legendary Mercedes 300 SL gullwing or the ’68 VW beetle – every classic will feel radiant in the Autoklinik. Because no damage spot stays hidden in our restorations. Not a speck of rust which isn’t soon ground away and polished.

No dulled paintwork survives our “regimen” without being shown off again to its full brilliance. A few photos of your “old” treasure will allow us to submit a rough estimate for a stay at the “panel rehab”. Just call us to suggest an appointment for the first meeting.


Sie wollen ganz schnell Kontakt aufnehmen? Dann los!

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