36°? We provide a cool head.

Those whose cars are fitted with air conditioning don’t like to be without it – especially in the summer.

This is fitted to 90 % of all new cars now leaving the production line. Apart from the added comfort factor, air conditioning also provides for extra safety as a “cool head” can react better and more quickly. Studies have proven that even from a temperature of 25°C, reaction time is worsened by 65 % within an hour. But even in winter, the air conditioning provides more safety. By virtue of the improved defrost function, iced up windscreens are cleared more quickly. Where there’s light, there’s shadow. Many bemoan the fact that the air conditioning doesn’t cool properly or even stinks. There’s a simple reasons for this: the air conditioning units couldn’t have been sealed 100 % when they left the factory. That means the unit loses approx. 8-10 % of its refrigerant coolant per year. Fungi and bacteria can develop in the area around the vaporiser due to the damp, warm environment. These spread unpleasant odours. Here are some practical tips for dealing with the air conditioning: Let the air conditioning run regularly for at least 10 minutes, even in winter. Only in this way can the lubrication act to seal the unit. The air conditioning also helps to thaw out iced up windows more quickly in wintertime. About 5 minutes before the end of the journey, switch off the air conditioning with the fan running. This allows the surface of the vaporiser to dry off better. Fungi and bacteria thus have less chance of settling in. Annual disinfection and pollen filter change. Have the air conditioning serviced. Regular maintenance (at least ever 2 years) guards against high repair costs for the whole unit. Contact us about an air conditioning service. We’ll be happy to advise you.


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