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Would you like your car to sparkle as it did on the first day? Would you like your vehicle to hold its value? Then here’s something that will impress you…

Our high-tech nano paint sealing

Environmental influences, road salt, dirt and carwash plants all contribute to your car’s paintwork appearing dull and lacklustre. Frequent polishing damages the paint. You can do something effective to counter this with our unique paint sealing.


An overview of the advantages of our paintwork sealing

–       Your vehicle gleams like new

–       A brilliant deep lustre emerges

–       Micro-scratches and holograms disappear

–       The paint is harder-wearing

–       Feels smooth and sleek

–       Water rolls off as from a lotus flower

–       Improves windscreen visibility

–       Insects and dirt stick far less

–       Brake dust on the wheel rims no longer burns in

–       Your vehicle is easier to clean

–       You increase the value of your vehicle


Paint sealing brings pleasure and increases the value of your vehicle

It’s certainly a great feeling to behold your car resplendent before your eyes. It’s even fun caring for it. After each wash, the deep gloss is back again and a shower of rain is often enough to clean your car. Water drops roll off, insects and dirt stick far less and can be removed easily. The paintwork is better protected against environmental influences and contamination. You can remove brake dust from your wheel rims very simply, it no longer burns in. Microscopic scratches are softened and prevented for the future, holograms disappear. The paint on your car becomes more resilient and is better protected. Sun, artificial light or grimy weather – your car will gleam and be seen regardless. Quality and your satisfaction is important to us. Stonechips, scratches and damage of course don’t disappear with sealing but as a specialist workshop, we’re also exactly the right partner for this. With our trained personnel we are not only in the position of being able to carefully prepare even severely stressed vehicle paintwork for sealing, we remedy scratches, parking dents and paint damage expertly and to the precise colour tone. Thus you’re saved any nasty surprises and you increase the value of your vehicle. That’s why we look over your vehicle with you and advise you in detail. You will receive a separate quotation for any additional work and ancillary services. First, your car is washed. Then we prepare your car, inspect the paintwork, remove insect remains, tar and other contamination. We remedy surface scratches professionally and polish where necessary. More severe damage is painted by request and then your car is sealed. By this means we achieve an unbelievably deep lustre, the colour tones are better emphasised. Your car is protected and looks classy and cared for.


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