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Repairing a headlamp is a rarity in a car driver’s life.

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However, there are many reasons that may require repair or replacement. Anyone who sees this, but should also know that the times of a simple exchange “sometimes so incidentally” are now over. But even without an accident, the car headlights have other “natural enemies” that could make a repair necessary. In particular, the wear and tear often sets them strong. An old or even burnt out bulb or even undetected damage to the diffuser or lens (stone chips, scratches due to incorrect cleaning, etc.) can cloud the light cone on the headlight glass and thus trigger the change. Likewise, the reflector may be yellowed, dull or broken. Even if only the headlight glass is broken, the entire component must be replaced, because the replacement of individual parts is not provided by the manufacturers.

You currently have damage to the headlight and would like to have it repaired?


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