Hail damage? We iron it.

Hail damage to the vehicle is easily overlooked after hail showers and thunderstorms. However, the vehicle should be checked carefully for these unsightly dents. Even if they are not particularly noticeable or disturbing, especially on the roof of the vehicle, they reduce its value considerably. This is then noticeable at the latest when the vehicle is sold or exchanged. Leasing companies often make large deductions for this damage.

We iron it.

Before the damage is recorded, the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and checked in a well-lit room with neon lights. To record the dents, all surfaces of the vehicle are thoroughly reflected and marked.

The expert can be called in at any time.

If we find hail dents on your vehicle, we are the right contact for the professional repair of your vehicle.

We use the most modern repair methods to gently remove hail dents. In most cases, the damaged parts do not need to be painted and the so-called smart repair is used.

Contact us. We look forward to you!


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