We offer a 3-year warranty with a certificate on all vehicle paints carried out in our company!

With state-of-the-art technology and precise color mixing systems, we guarantee you the highest color accuracy and resource-saving use of materials. Our longstanding and qualified employees only work with high-quality products that comply with the legal requirements for environmental and occupational safety.

In order to meet our high standards in terms of quality and resource conservation, we work with the advanced paint system “Line 100” from our paint partner Glasurit.

The result pays off for you visibly.

  • Perfect color accuracy
  • Extremely high surface quality

For the environment this means:

  • 40% below all worldwide VOC requirements
  • Particularly environmentally friendly base coat with a VOC content of less than 250g/l
  • Lower emissions compared to other environmentally friendly paints
  • Low energy consumption thanks to extremely short flash-off times

In order to further improve our ecological footprint, we already generate a large part of the required electrical energy from our own photovoltaic system.

Regardless of whether it is a repair painting after an accident, a special design painting or a spot repair: our requirements are always the same: a top painting and a satisfied customer.

In an accident repair, it is important that you can not recognize the repainted parts as such. Here, the color must fit exactly. It is important that everything is correct from the preliminary work to the topcoat job. This is only possible with a very good paint system and a painter who adapts the color to the vehicle. If all factors are right here, we are satisfied and so is the customer.


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