Vehicle and paint preparation on your car

Vehicle and paint preparation is a particularly extensive chapter in vehicle care. Hundreds of different types of paint, colors and intermediate layers, an arsenal full of care, polishing and sealing products as well as experience and a lot of technical know-how make the preparation, repair and sealing of the paint a clear case for experts.

The individual paint care measures (paint preparation, paint sealing, nano sealing, preservation) have two basic goals. Obvious are of course the optical aspects. The smooth, scratch-free and shiny surface of the car should keep this appearance for as long as possible. At the same time, the car paint should withstand as many attackers as possible (dirt, oil, rust, chemicals, insects, UV rays, etc.) in everyday life. The large number of paint enemies in particular causes permanent damage to the body if paint preparation is neglected over a longer period of time. Scratches, flaking and oxidized paint surfaces are just a few of the consequences.

With us you get professional paint care and paint preparation for your vehicle at a fixed price.

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