Vehicle care and car preparation – make a brilliant impression

For many drivers, car preparation is limited to an occasional visit to the car wash. If the car really needs professional vehicle care, e.g. when selling or leasing it back, the cosmetic effects are often limited. It makes much more sense to have the vehicle reconditioned by us on a regular basis. Regular car care should be just as natural as the inspection appointments!

Does it smell uncomfortably in your car, either from a mishap, smoke or pets?
Our ozone cleaning device brings the fresh air back into your vehicle.

Has your rim kissed the curb? Wem ist das nicht schon passiert? Who hasn’t this happened to? Here, too, we offer an all-round beautification service.

Professional car cleaning includes various assemblies of the car. A car preparation can be arranged with us as a complete service or as an individual service. The whole thing at a fixed price, of course.

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