Partner insurance

In the course of the increasingly strong insurance claims management, we are the partner workshop of various insurance companies and claims management organizations.

The sense of claims management is an advantageous and cooperative partnership between insurer, workshop and customer. For this reason, we carefully select our partners and only bring organizations on board that also represent this principle and with which we connect our company philosophy.

These organizations offer a convincing, neutral and independent accident management concept that satisfies all partners equally.

Do we also have your insurance in our group of partners?

Simply call us on +49 2433 / 93 8000 or send us an E-Mail, we will tell you whether your car insurance works with us.

We are partners of the following organizations and insurance companies:

  • HUK Coburg Versicherungen
  • HUK24 Versicherungen
  • VHV Partnerwerkstatt
  • Hannoversche Versicherungen
  • Aachen Münchener Versicherungen
  • Gothaer Versicherungen
  • asstel Versicherungen
  • Generali Versicherungen
  • Cosmos Direkt Versicherungen
  • janitos
  • Concordia Versicherungen
  • Debeka Versicherungen
  • Eurogarant Autoservice AG
  • Deutsche Post Fleet GmbH
  • Riparo GmbH
  • ARI Fleet Germany GmbH
  • Roland Assistance
  • Provinzial Versicherung
  • Sparkassen Versicherung Partnerwerkstatt
  • LVM Versicherung
  • Signal Iduna Partnerwerkstatt
partner versicherungen


Eurogarant is an internationally valid quality mark for a body shop that combines high quality with an attractive appearance. In order to be allowed to use the Eurogarant mark, a corresponding requirement profile must be met.

The “EUROGARANT body shop” is a guarantee for safety and value retention.

Who hasn’t had an accident? Even if the insurance pays for the damage, there is still concern about the right workshop and the best possible repairs.

Every vehicle to be repaired can be put back into the state of the art, which is in no way inferior to that of a comparable undamaged vehicle. Choosing the right workshop is crucial for such a result.

To make it easier for the customer to choose the right workshop, the Verband der Karosserie- und Fahrzeugbauer (ZKF) took the initiative and, together with the other bodywork trade associations, launched the “European-approved bodywork specialist”. These are subject to constant control by TÜV or DEKRA according to uniform criteria.


m.o.r.e – my optimal repair experience!

Efficient. Simple. Involved.

m.o.r.e selected partners are in the claims service of your insurance company, certified workshops are absolute accident repair specialists. In the event of a claim, we will relieve you of all worries and problems relating to the repair of your vehicle that were caused by the accident.

m.o.r.e Workshops reliably carry out high-quality and professional repairs of the highest quality and always stay on the cutting edge of technology, regardless of the type of vehicle.

The m.o.r.e Goal: Your positive customer experience with m.o.r.e Efficiency, m.o.r.e simplicity and m.o.r.e Engagement.


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